Our services

The needs of the current business environment and the experience we have acquired from our cooperation with Russian and international companies of various sizes and business profiles have shaped the following list of services provided by our translation company:

Translation Services

  • Official translations into all languages
  • Specialized translations in various thematic fields
  • Translation of documents to be submitted to the Consulates General of Russia, Ukraine and Georgia in Thessaloniki
  • Translation of tertiary education degrees (from Universities and technical secondary education schools) to be submitted for recognition to competent Greek Authorities (DOATAP, OEEK and ITE).
  • Translation of documents for enrolment in tertiary education schools or secondary technical education schools in Greece or abroad
  • Translation of contracts/agreements and related documents (supplementary agreements, specifications/standards, quality accreditation certificates, etc.)
  • Website translation

It is safe, easy and affordable to work with us! Our friendly charges, strict deadlines and excellent translations are the key principles our company observes to ensure optimum services to you!

The main fields of our translation experience include: finance, economics, technical, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, trade and marketing texts, marketing, business, diplomacy, science, literature, manuals and instructions, website content, insurance documents, tourism and airline industries